Online Buying: Shop at your own risk!

Online buying is now very trendy in today’s generation. People intend to buy online because they believe it is more convenient especially those shoppers that has no time anymore to go in the malls or in the market. Also, they can browse online the information gathered in that specific product that they want to buy – thanks to those people posted reviews about it.

Here are the 3 reasons why people want to buy online. First, Shopping made easy in just a click. Those people have heavy schedule in their wok and can’t afford any time to visit malls that’s why they rely on online shops – easy access and effortless. Second, Information gathering made easy. We can now browse anything online. There’s unlimited access of information about the products we want to purchase. Unlike in outdoor shopping, the information is very limited. Lastly, Trendy. We can’t deny that we’re online 24/7 right? We are aware of the trends in this generation, including online shopping. And internet is really updated on that. Maybe some of us are just buying online because it is trendy.

So we want to share with you the three products that we interested to buy online from First the iPod Touch 5 Phone Case. The reason why we want to buy this product is that to have our iPod Touch 5 be protected in case it will accidentally fall from the ground at least there is a protector case so that it can prevent damages.


niceEshop Armor Combo Silicone Hybrid Hard Case with Kickstand for iPod Touch 5 5th (Black)


Next is, this Grab Black Team Real JaDine Backpack. Because we’re a die-hard JaDine Fan since TBYD (Talk Back and You’re Dead) Days we want to have one of this bag also there is no available anymore in the market that’s why luckily we found this one! We can’t wait to buy this one! Anyway JaDine is one of the famous love teams in the Philippines.

Grab Black Team Real Jadine Backpack


Lastly, The Harry Potter inspired round glasses. We love Harry Potter and aside from that it’s trendy and fashionable in any clothes it can fit to wear. And we really love to have one of those glasses and feel the wizard-y of Harry Potter.


HDL Harry Potter Glasses Dress Up Spectacles Black


We know there are risks involved in buying products online. There are, however, risks associated with online shopping and you need to take care with what you are buying. Here are some of it and you have to remember. First, be careful about products that are bogus – fake products that exist. Next, in buying online; some online shops have no issuance of official receipts. Make sure to request official receipts so that if things were not turned well on the product we buy, official receipts can be our powerful proof. Lastly, make sure your online sites or shops you visited are reliable. If we think it’s suspicious don’t buy anything on that site, ask for guidance of your friends that has experience online buying and suggest to them sites that are secured and safe. These are just some and I hope these would help.

The things you need, in order to buy products online are just these: Computer or mobile phones – anything that can access online. And of course money or credit card in paying the product you purchase. Email Address and Phone Number to contact and update you about your product that you purchase. Just follow the steps needed to purchase the desired product that given in any sites you choose. Don’t forget to shop at your own risk and enjoy your online buying experience!


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